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Whether you are looking for fabrication services, precision CNC machining and milling, laser cutting services or custom design services, our process starts with careful planning, and continues all the way through delivery.  We are flexible, and can adapt our process to fit your specific needs for your project.

CNC Machine
CNC Machining
CNC Routing
CNC Routing
Laser Cutting

The use of CNC machines offers precision and tight close tolerance machining. We can machine most any metals or plastics. Our capabilities include 3-Axis and 4 -axis CNC machining and milling.  CNC can be applied to multiple materials and is perfect for rapid tooling, creating fixtures, molds and jigs.

We use CNC routers to carve out complex shapes from soft materials like wood and plastics.  The design possibilities are endless with the use of a router and can bring your ideas and images to life!  Designs can include letters, numbers and intricate designs.  

Our CNC lasers have the ability to cut materials using optical fiber and CO2 mediums.  Optical fiber cutting delivers precise and consistent cutting for metals.  CO2 cutting can be used on a great number of materials including rubber, leather, ceramics and foam.

We offer services using our waterjet laser that uses high-speed abrasives containing water.  This process physically blasts away small particle of solid material with almost no heat.  The waterjet can be used on a number of materials and can cut through thicker surfaces.

CAD Design
Laser Engraving
Custom Designs
Custom Designs

We offer CAD (Computer-Aided Design) services to aid in the creation, modification and optimization of your design.  Designs can be created in 2D drawings or 3D models.

We offer laser engraving when you need a custom engraved logo, motto, or design added to your project. We can create detailed engravings with great accuracy and speed, enhancing your projects even further.  

The fabrication process includes welding, cutting (with the use of the laser or waterjet) and more to build or assemble products using raw and semi-finished materials. We can weld steel and stainless steel.

With the use of our CNC machines, we can turn your wood projects into works of art. You can create unique signs, plaques for any occasion, cutting boards and much more!  The possibilities are endless.  We can even help make special, personalized gifts!  

Take a look at some of our work here.

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